Archives and Libraries

Archivi e biblioteche

AMALIA, a commitment to protect and promote the written cultural heritage preserved in archives and libraries.

Promoting and spreading the knowledge of archive and library heritage, and contributing to its protection and promotion. AMALIA brings together both professionals who already work in the field and those who want to approach this fascinating world: become a member, and you will have the opportunity to take part in our events.

Training and Update

Formazione e aggiornamento

Even ancient knowledge must be updated.

The preservation and promotion of cultural heritage require an up-to-date professionalism, able to guarantee new user arrangements and proper preservation techniques, even when available resources are modest. AMALIA provides training and refresher courses for those already working in the field and those approaching it for the first time; in addition, the association provides a place for professional exchange and interaction.

International Activity

AMALIA is active also at an international level. Thanks to the longstanding experience gained by the founding members, the association has carried out projects in Abu Dhabi and Mali, respectively for the preservation of the collections of New York University in Abu Dhabi (NYUAD) and for the Al Aqib library in Timbuktu. See the Activities section and the virtual exhibition “PROTECTING WORDS” to find out more.

AMALIA intends to continue its commitment abroad and is currently outlining new international projects.


Because ancient books still make us creative.

The world of books is also the realm of creativity. We organize workshops for adults and children on various aspects of the book and the manuscript, from illumination to bookbinding. Become a member and you will discover that traditional books not only still have so much to offer, but also provide an opportunity to develop creativity and manual skills.