AMALIA @school: a story from parchment to paper

    AMALIA travels around the world and works with scholars, researchers and professionals. But sometimes she goes back to school. On November 28, together with the team of Fondazione Museo del Tesoro del Duomo e Archivio Capitolare di Vercelli, AMALIA will be at the secondary school of Montalto Dora: together we will tell how a book is born, of what materials it is made of, and how it evolved over the course of history.

    Students can see, touch, smell the handmade parchment and paper, but also vegetal materials and minerals used to create the inks. And then? They all become scribes: they will learn how to draw lines, plan the page structure, write with nibs and create decorated initials.

    AMALIA at school tells a story, and makes the students be part of it: the story of parchment, of paper, of how a book is born and transformed. And how it always remains a wonderful world to discover.